So what do you think the chances of Danial actually coming back are?

Chapter Two of Sanctuary is now out. Here

I just want a 100% clear cut answer on BTR’s status. The website is still down, but the twitter is active again and changed it’s icon. In some interviews the bands fate seems hopefully and in others it seems like it’s a lost cause. I just want to know one way or the other if BTR is still a band or if they are over. Also James and Carlos are the only two listed on Cegtalent’s website all four of them and the band name used to be on there. Kendall, Logan and Big Time Rush have been removed. So I don’t know what to believe anymore.

I also still can’t figure out if they are wanting to still be a band like they say why they just can’t change their name and go to Kendall’s label. The name and songs written while BTR are all the label owns. The do not own the people.


get to know me: teen wolf edition01/08 favourite characters - scott mccall


get to know me: teen wolf edition
01/08 favourite characters - scott mccall

I’m not scared.
Then you’re borderline idiotic.

I really want to read, but it is so dang hard to find a fic that isn’t Sterek or Stiles centric. Anyone have any recommendations for Scerek, Sciam, Scott, Derek and Stiles(this is the only time I’ll read Sterek) that have a plot and aren’t just porn that I can read?

I still don’t see why the four  of them don’t just stay a band under another name & on Kendall’s label. Sony/Nick do not own them as people. So the four of them could still be a band with a different band name and on Kendall’s label.

Also still want to know why they lied to us saying it wasn’t over when it clearly was and they knew it was.