Omega , Beta , Alpha play ( Aiden x Isaac x Scott Imagine Requested by joseph090) 

Aiden kissed along Isaac’s neck as he moaned out in pleasure , Scott had his hot warm mouth wrapped around Isaac’s large cock moving his head up and down in time with the Beta’s thrusts.

"Fuck yes "

Isaac panted  as he laid there allowing both guys to have there way with him , for so long he wanted to have a chance at a threesome and the two people he wanted it with were now pleasuring him in there own way.

"You want more ?" 

Aiden whispered in Isaac’s ear.

Isaac nodded but he could hardly say anything as the moment he went to Scott took every inch of him into his throat and began to suck and swallow causing Isaac to moan out.

Soon Scott removed his mouth from Isaac’s now throbbing member and Aiden grinned , soon Scott was applying lube to his hole and Aiden  pressed his lips to the Beta’s lips distracting him from what the Alpha was about to do.

Isaac moaned against Aiden’s lips as he tasted so sweet but then he softly bit down on Aiden’s lower lip as he felt Scott’s tight hole consuming his cock , taking it deeper and deeper.

Scott moaned out  as he felt Isaac’s large pushing its way through him , He had taken a cock before but never something as big as Isaac’s.

Aiden broke the kiss and watched as Isaac looked at his alpha in disbelief that he was actually taking his cock into him , Scott always seemed to be more of the guy to bend someone over and pound there brains out.

Aiden smirked and placed his 6 inch long  and rather thick cock at Isaac’s lips , Isaac’s attention soon went to Aiden , looking up at him  before  tilting his head to the side allowing Aiden to slide his cock into his mouth.

Soon enough Scott was bouncing up and down on Isaac’s cock and Aiden was thrusting into his mouth , the two boys on top were moaning in pleasure while Isaac’s moans were muffled by a cock in his mouth but all three felt amazing.

They had all had sex before but this was so much more pleasing , forbidden as Derek had said that if a wolf had sex with another wolf that they would become bonded to the point they would not want it with another.

But they didn’t care because Isaac wanted both Aiden and Scott and both boys liked the idea of sharing him.

"Scott…I’m close"

Aiden said as his eyes glowed a Ice cold Steel blue , Scott looked to Aiden ,his  eyes were a dark red without even having to say something.

"Isaac…do you want us to cum in you…wanna  be our bitch?"

Aiden said with a smirk on his lips , Isaac was lost in his lust , eyes a glowing golden brown ,he moaned in reply and just as both boys  came , Aiden in Isaac’s mouth and Scott shot his load all over Isaacs chest  while Isaac hit his climax and came inside his alpha.

All three boys were totally satisfied at this moment .

Laying beside each other Isaac turned onto his side letting Scott cuddle up to his back while Isaac snuggled into Aiden.

"I love you both…you know that …"

Aiden and Scott looked at each other with a smile and then looked down at Isaac.

"We love you too"

Not sure how old your post in the Scerek tag is but if you are still taking prompts could I request a Sub Derek Pleasing his Alpha? Thanks


Oh I’m still filling prompts :) There you go! Hope you like it! Sorry about the length by the way, I’ve got a little carried away… 

Tittle: Tease

Relationship: Derek Hale/Scott McCall

Rated: NC-17

Genre: Fluff, Future!Fic, Romance , Scott is 18 here

Content: D/s, Teasing, Orgasm Delay/Denial, blowjobs, praise kink, aftercare, safewords (mentioned), Dom!Scott, Sub!Derek, comfy!derek 

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True sibling protection

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make me choose » sciles or sterek (asked by allisonsgone)


Tyler apparently was near tears at the panel after receiving the book. And I want to say that none of this would have happened without you guys—the people supporting and submitting to this project. You’re all amazing. I’m so excited for Tyler to see your art and read your words.

Photos of the book will be up soon, and I’ll queue the submissions to start posting tonight ^___^

Thank you all again. I love you. Tyler loves you. We did it.